Curbside Meals

The MISD Food Services Department began providing breakfast and lunch meals for curbside pickup on March 17th. Breakfast and lunch meals are available to all children (ages 0-18), regardless of enrollment or economic status.  Curbside meal pickup is available Monday-Friday at the back entrance of the Elementary campus.

• Breakfast meal pickup:  7:30 - 9:30 am
• Lunch meal pickup:  11:00am - 1:00pm
*Meals will not be available on Good Friday (4/10) or Monday (4/13) in observance of Easter.

To protect our food service personnel, we are asking that you abide by these guidelines when picking up meals:
1)  Enter the pickup line from the eastern-most side (Hwy 317) of the Elementary campus.
2)  Proceed to the back door of the Elementary campus and indicate the number of meals needed.
3)  The meals will be placed on a table for you to pickup; our staff will not reach into your vehicle to hand you meals.
4)  Please exit your vehicle as instructed to pickup your meals.
5)  Return to your vehicle and proceed to the exit.
6)  Exit via the western-most side (Johnson Dr.) of the Primary campus.

Traffic Map

Thank you for your cooperation.  These steps are being taken to minimize contact between MISD personnel and those we are working to serve.  We are striving to observe social distancing recommendations and protect the health of our staff and your family.

Please note that the pickup table will be sanitized between each family pickup.

Campuses will be the main point of contact for families in at-risk situations. Let us know if you need food assistance; calls and messages will be routed to the appropriate personnel.