About Us

Our Mission

The McGregor ISD Education Foundation is dedicated to providing resources to enrich the educational opportunities available to all McGregor ISD students.

Our Purpose

Unlike PTO's and booster clubs that raise funds for immediate, campus-specific needs, foundations focus on bigger picture enhancements that enrich and expand the learning environment.  Foundations work to mitigate the impact of shortfalls in state and tax funding by providing the district additional unrestricted resources.  These funds provide:

•  classroom grants to educators for innovative programs and equipment
•  professional development and training for MISD staff
•  community service activities that promote academic success and character development

Our Funding Priorities

Innovative Classroom Grants:
Funding for MISD teachers to support creative and innovative student instruction.

Staff Development:  
Funding for MISD educators to engage in progressive training that refines professional skills and promotes innovative teaching.

Student Development: 
Funding for MISD students to participate in community service projects that promote character development.