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About STOPit

MISD now uses STOPit to empower and protect students.  STOPit allows students to safely and anonymously report anything of concern to school officials from cyberbullying to threats of violence or self-harm.  MISD believes the adoption of STOPit is an important step in the continued effort to provide a positive school climate and a safe learning environment for students. 

How to Report a Concern

With STOPit, users can submit anonymous reports containing text, photos, or video.  Administrators are then able to review, investigate, and address the reported incidents.  There are two ways to access STOPit to submit an anonymous report.

• STOPit App
Parents and students can use the STOPit app to submit a report by following these steps:
1) download the app from the App Store or Google Play and use the district access code provided by their campus administrators
2) open the STOPit app and select your school
3) create your report 

• Web-based Reporting
This reporting method is available for parents and students who prefer not to use the app:
1) visit the district's SAFETY web page
2) click the purple STOPit SOLUTIONS image at the top of the page
3) select your school and create your report

Please keep in mind, STOPit is not an emergency response service.  If you believe your situation requires immediate police, fire, or paramedic response, please call 9-1-1.  STOPit does not provide counseling or clinical advice.  If you feel you need this type of attention, please seek the assistance of a qualified clinical or medical professional. 

Learn more about STOPit

Parent FAQ (English)
Parent FAQ (Spanish)
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