What factors will influence the district’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic?

MISD administrators and nurses meet frequently to review our data. Positive case counts and the 7-day rolling average of positive cases are our best indicator of our effectiveness in combating COVID.

MISD also seeks input from local, state, and federal authorities as our response plan evolves. The School Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) and the Waco-McLennan County Health District have both offered guidance. We are in frequent contact with area school districts to evaluate the status of COVID cases in neighboring schools. And, we also review guidance from the Texas Education Agency (TEA), the University Interscholastic League (UIL), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

How many COVID-19 cases are there in MISD?

McGregor ISD maintains a COVID Dashboard that is updated daily to reflect the number of active and cumulative cases on each campus. The dashboard will also reflect the 7-day rolling positive case average that will be used to implement the 3-stage COVID response protocol.

Case counts are reported to the Waco-McLennan County Health Department and are included in the community-wide dashboard.

Data is also reported to the Texas Education Agency and posted on the DSHS site.

Our campus principals send email notifications on a daily basis to inform parents of new cases in individual classrooms and in any extra-curricular or co-curricular programs that might be affected.

Does MISD mandate masks?

Masks are highly encouraged at all times.

MISD has implemented a 3-stage COVID response protocol that does include a masking requirement if positive cases rise above 2%. The percentage used to determine campus staging is based on a 7-day rolling average of the positive cases among students and staff.

If positive cases exceed 2% on your child’s campus, a mask requirement will be issued. The requirement will remain in place for seven (7) calendar days or until the positive case average drops below 2%, whichever is longer. Information on the COVID Dashboard will be updated daily to reflect the 7-day rolling positive case average and staging for each campus.

Are masks required on MISD buses?

Yes. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued guidance on January 29, 2021, requiring face coverings for all people riding on public transportation. That guidance was

updated on June 10, and again on August 27, to included school buses. All passengers two (2) years of age or older and drivers must wear masks.

Where can my child be tested for COVID-19?

MISD offers rapid testing (with parent permission) for symptomatic individuals on each campus. Drive-up testing is also available by appointment. If you suspect your child has COVID, call the school and a nurse will meet you at your vehicle to administer a test. You may also choose to contact your doctor, pharmacist, or the Waco-McLennan County HealthDistrict for testing.

Does MISD mandate vaccines?

Vaccines are encouraged for anyone who is eligible to receive them. However, MISD has not adopted a vaccine mandate.

Where can I get a COVID-19 vaccine?

The Waco-McLennan County Health District host multiple clinics throughout the county. has information for appointments through the Health District. has a vaccine locator tool on their website. You can also check with your health care provider.

MISD recently hosted a vaccination clinic on September 1. Future clinics will be promoted by the district.

Will the district quarantine my children if anyone in my home tests positive for COVID-19?

Yes. TEA has stated school systems may choose to require household-based close contact students to stay at home if they are in an area with high or rising COVID rates. This applies to individuals who are close contacts because an individual who lives in the same household is COVID-19 positive.

How will the staging protocol be implemented?

The 3-stage COVID response protocol will be implemented on a campus-by-campus basis. The 7-day rolling average for positive cases will be reviewed and any decisions affecting campus operations will be announced by the superintendent’s office and the campus administration.

If the percentage of positive cases remains below 2%, masking will be optional for students and staff.

If the percentage of positive cases is 2% - 4.99%, masking will be required for all students and staff. The masking requirement will remain in place for seven (7) calendar days or until the percentage of positive cases drops below 2%, whichever is longer.

If the percentage of positive cases is 5% of higher, the campus will be closed for seven (7) calendar days.

If a campus is closed, will we have to “make up” the days we miss?

Yes. If it becomes necessary to close a campus for more than 10 school days, the district will modify the school calendar to meet the state’s requirement for 75,600 minutes of instruction. 

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