Mobile Learning Initiative

McGregor ISD will empower every student with the skills, knowledge, and experience in a safe atmosphere of respect, communication, and cooperation, encouraging all to become responsible and productive citizens. This is the mission of the McGregor Independent School District and it takes on special significance as our students prepare for life in the 21st century. To fulfill the district's mission, a 1:1 Mobile Learning Initiative was approved on October 29, 2012.

The Mobile Learning Initiative began at the start of the 2013-2014 school year when students in grades 8-12 were provided a district-owned iPad.  The second phase of the initiative consisted of students in grades 6-8 being issued a chromebook.  The district continues to provide chromebook and iPad devices to all students in grades PreK-12.

The initiative, however, is about more than the mobile learning device.  It is about changing the process of teaching and learning that takes place in our classrooms; it is about developing collaborators, communicators, and critical thinkers. The Mobile Learning Initiative represents the district's commitment to equipping 21st century learners with 21st century tools and skills.

These devices are the students' personal mobile learning devices for the each school year. Students in grades 2-12 are able to take their device home for school and personal use, but are required to bring it to school each day, as it is their main source of technology used regularly as a part of instruction.

Mobile Learning Video