Frequently Asked Questions

Which students will receive a mobile learning device?
Students enrolled in the 6th-12th grades will be issued a chromebook to use each year. 

What items are required in order to receive a device?
The $50 use fee must be paid and the MISD Network Acceptable Use Policy and Student Device Use Agreement Form must be submitted via the Skyward online system by the parent.  

Will the $50 rental fee be a one-time charge or will students pay each year?
This is a one-time fee for the device issued.  Should a replacement device be required due to theft or loss, the student is required to pay the $50 use fee for the new device they are issued.

What if the device is damaged?
The district will pay the repair fee for the first instance of damage.  The student will be responsible for payment of any subsequent damages.

What if my student's device is stolen?
In the event of theft or vandalism, the student or parent must file a police report with the appropriate law enforcement agency.  A copy of the report must be given to the campus principal.  A replacement device will not be issued until the principal receives a copy of the report.

Will the device come with a protective case?
The district will purchase protective cases for the devices.  Students will be required to keep the case on their device at all times.  These measures will ensure proper protection of the device.

Is my child required to accept the device?
The device is an integral part of the district's Mobile Learning Initiative.  Students will use their device to communicate, collaborate, produce projects, access content needed for coursework, etc.  The device will enhance the student's learning, therefore; it is in the best interest of the student to accept the district-issued device.  Parents with questions may contact their child's campus principal.

 If my child already has an iPad or chromebook, can they use it instead of the district-issued device?
Students must use the district-issued device due to device enrollment, management, and content.

Will students be trained on how to use the device?
Students will participate in a training session.  Information, assistance, and documentation will be given to students to help them get started with using their device.

Do the devices take the place of textbooks?
The district will establish a plan for phasing out paper textbooks.  Electronic textbooks are in place at this time and will continue to be purchased for core-curriculum classes.

Will there be apps installed on the devices?
The district will supply the required educational apps and content.  Students will be allowed to install their own apps and/or content to the device as well.  Students will be responsible for the backup of personal content on the device.

Will students have to return their device to the campus office at the end of each school year?
Students will be required to turn in their device at the end of each school year to the campus office.  Students in grades 9-12 are eligible for summer use if they meet specific requirements and are granted approval. Students in grades 6-8 are not eligible for summer use at this time.

Are students allowed to keep possession of their device during the summer months?
Students in grades 9-12 may complete the Summer Use Request form.  Should their request be accepted, they will be allowed to keep their device during the summer.  A $20 summer use fee is required.  Students in grades 6-8 are not eligible for summer use at this time.

How do I clean the screen?
Use a microfiber cloth to clean the screen.  These are the same cloths used to clean glasses.  Do not use liquid to clean the screen.  Never spray any liquid directly on the screeen.

How often should the device be charged?
Students are required to bring a fully charged device to school each day.  The device is their primary school supply and will be used each day. 

What is the temperature threshold of the device?
These devices cannot endure extreme cold or hot temperatures.  Please do not leave the device in your car on a hot summer day.  Internal parts will become damaged should the device be exposed to extreme temperatures.

Will there be an Internet filter in place to supervise and observe student's Internet use on the device?
The district uses a CIPA compliant web filtering system which provides a safe Internet environment while the device is being used on any WIFI network.  Restrictions are also configured on the device itself to prevent access to inappropriate apps, websites, etc.  The district encourages parents to set guidelines for Internet use in their home and actively monitor their child's Internet activity.